Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Shame we try to hide

What are we suppose to do when we are expected to hide ourselves under the sheath of clothes and from the eyes of perverted male circle. This is the well known topic on which there was loads of talks and debates, agreement and disagreement, and finally the so called preaching as the inferior gender, it is better to hide the shame and move on.

Let me try to think from the perspective of a male who is simply imagining a woman as a tool for pleasure or just an object who can satiate his thirst for pleasure. My question is then why are they living in human society or is it the society who should be blamed for this situation. I knew about a lot of friends who went through this shameful process of being stared at or being touched at inappropriate places or being persecuted for a long time. Whether it is a friend or a so called well wisher or anyone who thinks that they know you well to do anything they want to do with you are extremely inhuman and unjust and are not fit to live in a so-called society. As far as I know many girls could not raise their voice because they were afraid of the so called shame that they will face when it is known to everyone.

I believe if those who do it do not have any shame while they do it then it is no wonder that those who are the victim of this situation should not feel like the guilty party. I wonder why then it is the girls who suffer at the hands of even justice in some Middle East countries and what kind of social rules are being followed in those countries.It is not about education or about social value it is about simply being humane to understand about violating another human or a minor in many cases.

I was not shocked to see the news of the teenage girls being raped by adult apes because I am quite familiar with the situation, each girl knows how it feels to be humiliated or to feel that feeling of insecurity when so called horrible ape circle is around, may be they are wearing the masks of a relative, a friend a well wisher or a stranger but alas! It is the animal that we girls can actually visualize. Do they think they are superior or because they are the stronger ones or because the girls are naive enough to hide it, they are going to be not guilty or it is their birth right to humiliate a person because they are not born with a conscience?

It is high time that there should be strict punishment for it and in most cases it is the law makers or the people who are in-charge of the safety and security are misusing power. However, I strongly believe that they are the ones who should be ashamed and not the girls, it is not because of the way they dress or nothing is wrong with them, it is the male perspective in most cases which needs to be changed, because they are capable of violating even minors and ruining their happy lives and psyche forever. Last but not the least, I would like to ask the society to change their view point and ask girls to feel comfortable about themselves and feel confident about reporting such a case of violation and mistreatment as it is a human right and also for men to be ashamed of themselves who are involved in this kind of acts.