Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Shame we try to hide

What are we suppose to do when we are expected to hide ourselves under the sheath of clothes and from the eyes of perverted male circle. This is the well known topic on which there was loads of talks and debates, agreement and disagreement, and finally the so called preaching as the inferior gender, it is better to hide the shame and move on.

Let me try to think from the perspective of a male who is simply imagining a woman as a tool for pleasure or just an object who can satiate his thirst for pleasure. My question is then why are they living in human society or is it the society who should be blamed for this situation. I knew about a lot of friends who went through this shameful process of being stared at or being touched at inappropriate places or being persecuted for a long time. Whether it is a friend or a so called well wisher or anyone who thinks that they know you well to do anything they want to do with you are extremely inhuman and unjust and are not fit to live in a so-called society. As far as I know many girls could not raise their voice because they were afraid of the so called shame that they will face when it is known to everyone.

I believe if those who do it do not have any shame while they do it then it is no wonder that those who are the victim of this situation should not feel like the guilty party. I wonder why then it is the girls who suffer at the hands of even justice in some Middle East countries and what kind of social rules are being followed in those countries.It is not about education or about social value it is about simply being humane to understand about violating another human or a minor in many cases.

I was not shocked to see the news of the teenage girls being raped by adult apes because I am quite familiar with the situation, each girl knows how it feels to be humiliated or to feel that feeling of insecurity when so called horrible ape circle is around, may be they are wearing the masks of a relative, a friend a well wisher or a stranger but alas! It is the animal that we girls can actually visualize. Do they think they are superior or because they are the stronger ones or because the girls are naive enough to hide it, they are going to be not guilty or it is their birth right to humiliate a person because they are not born with a conscience?

It is high time that there should be strict punishment for it and in most cases it is the law makers or the people who are in-charge of the safety and security are misusing power. However, I strongly believe that they are the ones who should be ashamed and not the girls, it is not because of the way they dress or nothing is wrong with them, it is the male perspective in most cases which needs to be changed, because they are capable of violating even minors and ruining their happy lives and psyche forever. Last but not the least, I would like to ask the society to change their view point and ask girls to feel comfortable about themselves and feel confident about reporting such a case of violation and mistreatment as it is a human right and also for men to be ashamed of themselves who are involved in this kind of acts.  

Saturday, 17 September 2011


" A hundred years should go to praise ,
  Thine eyes and on thy forehead gaze "
- Andrew Marwell, To His Coy Mistress
 Oh my beloved , your eyes are as deep as ocean,
 Your lips are as red as roses
 Let me take a deep into thy ocean ,
 Let me smell your sweet fragrance.
 She recalls this poem many years later while sitting in an easy chair , accompanied by nurses.Oh! What has she done ?   She suddenly gasps with horror! Rehana Khan , a young girl of twenty and one years. She has attempted to murder her  fiance. The doctors of the Mental Asylum are working on her case.
Rehana Khan , is the eldest daughter of  Ziyaur Rahman Khan , a politician , an MP for the past twenty years. Her engagement had created a lot of buzz in the country. Salim Reza, the only son of the Prime Minister Sheikh Abdul Goni of Bangladesh is Rehana khan's fiance.
They were a perfect couple, so everybody said. What could possibly there go wrong ? Though people spoke about her as an introvert but nobody has guessed that her silence could be so dangerous ! Salim has been admitted to Dhaka medical Hospital. When the police in-charge asked for his statement, Salim told him that Rehana's attack was completely unexpected. It was very sudden and she stabbed him from the back . She was found unconscious on the spot.

The investigation by the Police Department revealed some significant evidence which disclosed the mystery .

A letter found in Rehana's Diary......
Dear Amma,
I could not pluck enough courage to tell you what i am going to tell you now. It happened long time back but i could not understand then. Remember, when i was in class I , Abbu had kept a house tutor for me. Jahangir Alam Sir was not the good person that everybody thought him to be. Amma, he was so scary , he used to show me a lot of unnecessary love and affection. He was a strange person, he often used to beat me when i did not listen to him, and ran away from him. But he bought me my favourite candies everyday and i could not help but go near him.
Sometimes he would recite some complicated poems which i could hardly understand. He would sometimes lock the study room door and, would shower unwanted kisses on me. Amma ,believe me, i did not take it otherwise but now when I recall what it lead to i cannot stop weeping and blaming my bad fortune.
Amma, I think all men are the same , they use these words of love and beauty to flatter women.
Your Daughter Rehana.

Rehana's mother , Ms. Rezina Khan was a social figure, too. She used to be involved in social affairs, charity and parties . Rehana therefore had been a lonely child.
The psychiatrist who was taking care of Rehana's case later decided that Rehana was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. She believed firmly that everyone is going to harm her.The next day her body was found floating on the river Budiganga.
The day before, her fiance had come to persuade her. In the process he had come too close for her comfort. She thought that after her marriage nobody will come to her rescue. So she will be bound to live with that man.Thinking of her past she was very scared of her future.So she didnot wish to see the next dawn.

writer's block

well well well ....i thought to myself that when have i become a writer ? the dilemma of being a writer was on every writer's mind whether it was the classical poet or the renaissance or the romantic or even modern or post modern... the problem is every writer needs an audience and more than anything wants to establish himself or in the present time herself as a writer to be precise an intelligent writer ...these days many do write but behind this writing there is supposed to be a special technique of writing and one ought to know how to write correctly ...not to say that the subject of the writer could spark a lot of controversies ought to choose a topic safely and write on it ...though u cannot please everyone there is to please but it should be a decent number of people...i always wanted to write something and something that i strongly felt for ...these days we see so many writers and i feel happy that these writers are getting a platform to write ...

i wrote a couple of stories and thought to myself that perhaps i could become a writer ...there were many issues which bothers me a lot ...but then this block started and i lost my ability to write ...may be i am blabbering or just jotting down my thoughts but its a relief that i am writing again...the mind's agony is somehow lesser than before ...i read many books and novels and poems but some touched the cord of  my soul and i could connect to it as if it happened to me ...some people have the capability of describing a simple incident with so much nuance and aesthetic that the total thing becomes serene and surreal or sometimes more     real than reality ...the ability to turn an imaginative incident to a real one is known as fiction and indeed very  beautiful fiction it is ..if people of your time like it , it becomes popular fiction and if it is even more popular it is made into a movie...some stories are simple and real but looks like it is more complicated than it seems and that's the author's capability to write have space for creation be more imaginative than someone else ... here the main point comes Different ... well we all want to be different than the other person don't we ?and there starts this othering business and trying to be Someone Different, someone with some creative ability ... we all feel it in this current time when there is an ocean of writers and creative people but it is not about the current times all along in the history of literature authors and writers felt the need to prove themselves and therefore i am no different than others i suppose .