Saturday, 17 September 2011

writer's block

well well well ....i thought to myself that when have i become a writer ? the dilemma of being a writer was on every writer's mind whether it was the classical poet or the renaissance or the romantic or even modern or post modern... the problem is every writer needs an audience and more than anything wants to establish himself or in the present time herself as a writer to be precise an intelligent writer ...these days many do write but behind this writing there is supposed to be a special technique of writing and one ought to know how to write correctly ...not to say that the subject of the writer could spark a lot of controversies ought to choose a topic safely and write on it ...though u cannot please everyone there is to please but it should be a decent number of people...i always wanted to write something and something that i strongly felt for ...these days we see so many writers and i feel happy that these writers are getting a platform to write ...

i wrote a couple of stories and thought to myself that perhaps i could become a writer ...there were many issues which bothers me a lot ...but then this block started and i lost my ability to write ...may be i am blabbering or just jotting down my thoughts but its a relief that i am writing again...the mind's agony is somehow lesser than before ...i read many books and novels and poems but some touched the cord of  my soul and i could connect to it as if it happened to me ...some people have the capability of describing a simple incident with so much nuance and aesthetic that the total thing becomes serene and surreal or sometimes more     real than reality ...the ability to turn an imaginative incident to a real one is known as fiction and indeed very  beautiful fiction it is ..if people of your time like it , it becomes popular fiction and if it is even more popular it is made into a movie...some stories are simple and real but looks like it is more complicated than it seems and that's the author's capability to write have space for creation be more imaginative than someone else ... here the main point comes Different ... well we all want to be different than the other person don't we ?and there starts this othering business and trying to be Someone Different, someone with some creative ability ... we all feel it in this current time when there is an ocean of writers and creative people but it is not about the current times all along in the history of literature authors and writers felt the need to prove themselves and therefore i am no different than others i suppose .


  1. hi sabrin,
    i read your story and your opinion regarding the role and methods of contemporary writers. saving the few writers, do you really feel that writers create conntroversy to increase their readers? i think genuine writers dont create controversies... it is the conciousness they spread, which they perceive in society, which at times become contradicting. it is because it depends upon the readers, those, who were believing in the existing viewpoint, to accept or not to accept the views of writers. it is rather the conscience of reader that create controversy. isnt it?

  2. Hi Anuj, thanks for your views but i didnot mention about writers writing for the purpose of creating controversies in order to increase readers.I have mentioned about the problems the author goes through in order to go against the established norms. I do agree about genuine writer creating consciousness but if it is against the orthodox society the writer do face not only contempt but also exile and at the same time conscious or perceptive readers appreciation. Of course it is upon the readers to accept or not accept the views of writers ... but again do you think that the freedom of expression of the writer is completely accepted ? Then what is your views about the recent case of A K Ramanujan'essays on Ramayana or Taslima Nasreen's Lajja being banned ?

  3. hmm... may be i ve mistook your opinion regarding writers.. but

    "the problem is every writer needs an audience and more than anything wants to establish himself or in the present time herself as a writer to be precise an intelligent writer."
    i think u ve infact personlised the problem of writers.. is this the way u think they are going against the accepted norms?
    its not that i am opposing u but i think u were not aware of the fact when u wrote the above mentioned fact regarding them cos the whole idea itself seems to be projected towrads the desiring " more than anything.. to establish himself or in the present time herslef to be precise(ly)an intelligent writer.
    it is this fact i am mentioning to. so the problems u posed that they have to face when going against established norm, is already preoccupied with desire of getting established as an intelligent writer... this is what i learnt from ur opinion